The Star Inn Harome Wedding Photography // Ese and Ross

the star inn harome wedding photography

Wedding Photography at The Star Inn

Ese and Ross booked me to shoot their Star Inn Harome wedding photography back in one of the nicest villages in North Yorkshire. I’ve visited Harome to photograph a couple of weddings at the nearby Pheasant Hotel over the last two years. This was the first time I had shot wedding photography at  The Star Inn Harome.
The Star Inn is a well known venue in the area thanks to its Michelin starred owner and head chef Andrew Pern. Andrew has held a coveted Michelin Star for over a decade and The Star Inn is understandably very popular due to the superb cuisine on offer.  Having seen many celebrity Michelin starred chefs on TV, I imagined they’d all be quite intimidating and far too busy to chat to another wedding photographer, but Andrew was wonderfully welcoming and friendly and we had a brief chat about his appearance on BBC 2’s Great British Menu (a show Mrs T and I love) and on running such a successful restaurant.

Michelin Starred Chef

The morning preparations were all at The Star Inn with Ese and her two sisters before everyone made the short journey to the church in Harome village. With a small and select group of guests, the wedding was intimate and personal. After Ese and Ross were married it was back to The Star Inn for canapes and lawn games. Ese and Ross even joined in on the bouncy castle! Ese and Ross had asked for some photos of their seven course wedding breakfast, prepared by Andrew himself. Getting in the way of a top Michelin starred chef in his own kitchen is not advisable. However, Andrew was fantastically accommodating and I really enjoyed photographing the courses as they were prepared. Ese and Ross’ Star Inn Harome wedding photography was a lovely wedding to photograph and I thoroughly enjoyed visiting North Yorkshire once again.

So here’s Ese and Ross’ Star Inn Harome wedding photography. Music by BORNS, photos by me…

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The Star Inn Harome Wedding Photography by James Tracey © 2016