Hillbark Hotel Wedding Photography // Zarah and Jeff

hillbark hotel wedding photography

Hillbark Hotel Wedding Photography

Zarah and Jeff’s wedding was the first time I had visited the stunning Hillbark Hotel in Cheshire. The Hillbark Hotel is a spectacular venue on the Wirral. It has a huge wedding service room perfect for large weddings. Zarah and Jeff had just that, with over 150 guests, the Hillbark was the perfect venue for such a large wedding. The venue is very unique and perfect for wedding photography with amazing light throughout the Hotel. Zarah got ready in the bridal suite before making the dramatic entrance over the gallery above the wedding service room. Jeff was waiting his bride and they had a wonderful wedding ceremony at The Hillbark Hotel.

In Love Wedding Films

I always enjoy working alongside wedding videographers. It was a pleasure to work with Paul from In Love Wedding Films. You can even see Zarah and Jeff on the website homepage! Paul was very discreet to work alongside and I would highly recommend him for your wedding. I am a huge fan of wedding films and believe that if you are booking a wedding you really should consider having a film. Films capture so much and they compliment wedding photos brilliantly. In fact I love wedding films so much I now offer them myself over at James Tracey Wedding Films on my new website.

Spectacular First Dance

Zarah and Jeff had a spectacular first dance with amazing lighting. It was the perfect way to start their evening party and it created some amazing photos. I loved shooting the first dance with the combination of smoke and lights to create some amazing wedding photographs. The party then kicked off long into the night. I loved shooting Zarah and Jeff’s Hillbark Hotel wedding photography. Please leave your thoughts and comments below and click the button below if you’d like to chat about your wedding.

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