King Street Townhouse

King Street Townhouse Wedding Photographer & Videographer

I always enjoy being a King Street Townhouse wedding photographer. King Street Townhouse is one of Manchester’s very best hotel’s and it’s a luxurious wedding venue. If you’re looking for a beautiful, modern wedding venue in the heart of Manchester city centre, King Street Townhouse is the perfect venue for your wedding. Originally built in 1872, it is an Italian renaissance building designed by Manchester architect Edward Salomons.King Street Townhouse is located within the upper King Street Conservation Area of the city centre featuring 40 bedrooms and suites, a tavern, all dat restaurant and a south facing terrace with spectacular views of Manchester Town Hall along with a beautiful infinity spa pool overlooking the city centre.

There are a number of reasons I enjoy weddings at King Street Townhouse. Firstly, the building itself is beautiful and it looks wonderful as the backdrop to your wedding photographs and film. However the real highlight of King Street Townhouse is the spectacular views from the 6th floor and the roof terrace. With panoramic views of Manchester city centre and stunning views of the iconic Manchester Town Hall, your wedding photos will be taken to another level featuring the amazing views of Manchester in the backdrop.

Alongside wedding photography, I also create beautiful, cinematic wedding films. Shot discreetly, without intervention throughout the day, I create films that tell your wedding story, using genuine cinematic techniques. I can offer film and photography as a joint package or shoot either film or photos alone, please have a look at the my films and get in touch to find out more about my film and photography options.

Real Wedding Photos at King Street Townhouse by James Tracey

Jen + Kieron

wedding photo iin manchester

Jess + Joe

low sun shot at King street townhouse roof