York Pavilion Wedding Photography // Theresa and Matt

York Pavilion Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography at York Pavilion Hotel

Theresa and Matt’s wedding photography at York Pavilion came about thanks to a recommendation from Kirsty at Grace Films. Kirsty is friends with both Theresa and Matt and kindly put me forward when they were looking for someone to shoot their York Pavilion wedding photography. Having never shot a wedding in York I ended up shooting two in August with Theresa and Matt’s wedding coming only a couple of weeks after Jess and Tarkan’s wedding at The Merchant Adventurers Hall. York is a fabulous city and I always enjoy visiting. My day started out with Theresa at The York Pavilion alongside Kirsty and Lauren Sally Make Up Artist. I’ve worked with Lauren a few times and she is great fun and one of the most in demand make up artists in the UK. I can highly recommend Lauren for your wedding.

Emotional Wedding Service

Once Theresa was almost ready I made the short trip from York to Boston Spa, Theresa and Matt’s home time. I met up with Matt at the church where he was finishing getting ready whilst greeting the guests. Matt looked a little nervous as Theresa made her way up the aisle and I had been pre-warned by Kirsty that Matt was likely to get a little emotional, especially when their daughters did a joint reading. Kirsty wasn’t wrong, although Matt certainly wasn’t the only person in church wiping a tear away after his young daughters delivered a wonderful reading.

Couple Photos

After the marriage service was completed and the registers signed we made the trip back to York. I had seen a field on my way over I wanted to stop off at for some photos and by complete coincidence, it’s the same field Kirsty had wanted to use as she owns the land close by. With the weather turning against us and some uneven ground to deal with, Theresa and Matt were complete stars as we grabbed their couple photos in under ten minutes!

Magician Alfie Whattam

As we arrived back at The York Pavilion the rain started to bounce down, so the guests made the most of the bar whilst Kirsty and I shot them enjoying themselves. With time for a quick confetti shot in a break in the weather just before the wedding speeches and wedding breakfast. After the meal, star of ITV’s Britains Got Talent, magician Alfie Whattam entertained the guests with some fantastic magic.

So here’s Theresa and Matt’s York Pavilion Wedding photography. Music by COLLEAGUES, photos by me…


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York Pavilion Best Western, 45 Main St, Fulford, York YO10 4PJ. 0844 387 6049

York Pavilion Wedding Photography by James Tracey © 2016