Hazlewood Castle Wedding Photography // Gemma and Joey

wedding at hazlewood castle

Wedding at Hazlewood Castle

It’s a good thing I really love weddings! At the end of May I had three of them in just four days over the bank holiday weekend starting with Gemma and Joey’s Hazlewood Castle wedding photography. The day kicked off north of Leeds with the bridal preparation at Gemma’s home beforewe headed over to their local church for their wedding service.

There was some drama just before the service as Gemma arrived, all ready to head down to meet her groom, when she realised that she’d left her bouquet at home. Gemma and her bridesmaids were quickly hustled in the nearest toilet whilst her hero dad drove home to collect the missing flowers. Meanwhile Joey was left at the top of the aisle wondering what was going on! He was somewhat relived to realise Gemma had not changed her mind.

Sunshine Scoop

Following the church service all the guests were invited to enjoy a Sunshine Scoop from their cool vintage ice-cream van. Sadly the actual sunshine was not up for playing out, but I soon got over that as Joey treated me to a pistachio ice cream, complete with hundreds and thousands and of course, a flake!

After that we made our way up the A1 to Hazlewood Castle. It was my first time shooting Hazelwood Castle wedding photography and it is a beautiful wedding venue. Sadly, my plans for the photos were somewhat scuppered as we were greeted by typical Yorkshire rain clouds. So I put an awful lot of faith in my iPhone weather app by delaying the couple shots until 6pm, the time the app boldly claimed there would be a break in the rain. I should have had more faith, as we treated to a break in the clouds and even a little low sun for the group and couple shots. Afterwards we headed inside for the first dance and a fantastic late night party!

So here’s Gemma and Joey’s Hazlewood Castle wedding photography. Music by Bastille, photos by me…


Hazlewood catle wedding photography-5

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Hazlewood Castle Wedding Photography by James Tracey