Elixir Ibiza Wedding Photography // Vicky and Matt

Elixir Ibiza Wedding Photography.

Elixir Ibiza Wedding Photography

Sometimes I can’t believe how lucky I am in my job. Being booked to shoot Vicky and Matt’s Elixir Ibiza wedding photography was definitely one of those moments. I’d met Vicky and Matt when I shot Debbie and Karl’s wedding at The Saddleworth Hotel in 2013. At the time Vicky was thinking of heading off abroad for a destination wedding and she asked if I traveled (which I emphatically said yes to!) A few months later Vicky and Matt had found their dream venue and had set their hearts on Ibiza and Elixir Shore Club. So I booked a Jet2 flight and in the middle of August flew out to the White aisle for my first ever Elixir Ibiza wedding photography job!

Wedding in Ibiza

Vicky was getting ready in Cala Llonga so I met her there for the bridal prep before sharing her taxi over to Cala Codolar to Elixir Shore Club. What a venue. A shabby chic paradise, set high on the cliffs over a small beach, Elixir is something else. Vicky was walked down the aisle by her brother before Matt and Vicky shared their wedding blessing in front of the stunning views of the sea. With glorious sun shining down it was one of the those moments where I had to remember I was actually working. A totally amazing service finished and the open bar started (so I knew it was going to be an amazing wedding). Although it did get a little hot (even the staff said it was a little warmer than usual, peaking at just over 40 degrees), everyone soaked up the sun and prosecco before I took the wedding party down to the beach for the group shots. Vicky and Matt didn’t want anything boring or stuffy, so we set the lads up to look cool and the girls to have fun. I LOVE the group shots, easily some of my favourite I’ve taken.

Ibiza Sunset

I was then invited to eat with the wedding party and I can hand on heart say this was the best wedding food I’ve ever eaten. A barbecue to beat all barbecue’s. It’s worth having your wedding at Elixir Shore Club for the food alone it’s that good. Then, as the sun started to set I grabbed Vicky and Matt and we went back down to the beach to get the classic Ibiza sunset in the couple shots. It was a spectacular experience and I think the shots do the sunset justice, before we headed back to the speeches and a huge party (which I get thoroughly involved with when the Nikon’s were packed away!)

Without doubt, the coolest wedding of the year and one of the highlights of my wedding photography career. Ibiza is a brilliant venue for your wedding blessing and Elixir is one of the best venues I’ve ever worked at. A stunning venue with amazing views and it’s run brilliantly by the team there. I cannot recommend it highly enough and if you are planning on heading out there, I’m more than up for a some more Elixir Ibiza wedding photography.

So here’s Vicky & Matt’s Elixir Ibiza wedding photography. Music by Fenech Soler, photos by me…


Cala lloga beach Elixir Ibiza wedding photography-10 wedding bouquest on a bed elixir libiza wedding photography Elixir Ibiza wedding photography-14 bride and bridesmaids getting ready bride applying her own make up Elixir Ibiza wedding photography-19 bridesmaid applying make up Elixir Ibiza wedding photography-22 bride walking out of fiesta hotel cala llonga elixir ibiza wedding photographer elixir ibiza wedding photographer groom waiting at elixir shore club elixir ibiza wedding photographer bride and her brother elixir ibiza wedding photographer bride walking up the aisle at elixir shore club in ibiza bride walking up the aisle at elixir shore club in ibiza elixir ibiza wedding photographer Elixir Ibiza wedding photography-41 elixir ibiza wedding photographer elixir ibiza wedding photographer bride and groom at elixir shore club bride and groom at elixir shore club Elixir Ibiza wedding photography-47 elixir ibiza wedding photographer elixir ibiza wedding photographer elixir ibiza wedding photographer Elixir Ibiza wedding photography-53 bride and groom first kiss at elixir shore club ibiza bride and groom walking down the aisle at elixir shore club ibiza bride and groom walking down the aisle at elixir shore club ibiza bride and groom walking down the aisle at elixir shore club ibiza Elixir Ibiza wedding photography-66 elixir ibiza wedding photographer Elixir Ibiza wedding photography-68 Elixir Ibiza wedding photography-69 Elixir Ibiza wedding photography-70 Elixir Ibiza wedding photography-72 Elixir Ibiza wedding photography-74 Elixir Ibiza wedding photography-75 Elixir Ibiza wedding photography-76 Elixir Ibiza wedding photography-77 Elixir Ibiza wedding photography-78 welcome to elixir sign selfie at elxir shore club bride and groom in front of the sea groom and best man and ushers on rocks in ibiza brides and bridesmaids in the sea in ibiza brides in the sea in ibiza Elixir Ibiza wedding photography-95 Elixir Ibiza wedding photography-101 bride and groom silhouetted in front of ibiza sunset bride and groom silhouetted in front of ibiza sunset bride and groom in front of ibiza sunset bride and groom in front of ibiza sunset bride posing on a jetty in ibiza groom with arms folded on a jetty in ibiza bride and groom high fiving in ibiza bride on the rocks in ibiza bride and groom smiling and laughing on a beach in ibiza bride and groom smiling and laughing on a beach in ibiza Elixir Ibiza wedding photography-120 bride and groom overlooking a beach in ibiza Elixir Ibiza wedding photography-123 elixir shore club wedding photography elixir shore club wedding photography Elixir Ibiza wedding photography-128 elixir shore club wedding photography elixir shore club wedding photography Elixir Ibiza wedding photography-135 first dance at elixir shore club in ibiza first dance at elixir shore club in ibiza first dance at elixir shore club in ibiza first dance at elixir shore club in ibiza

Elixir Ibiza, Cala Codolar, 07829 San José, Islas Baleares, Spain.

Newton Hall Wedding Photography // Esther and Ben

Newton Hall Wedding photography by James Tracey

Newton Hall Wedding Photography

Back in 2013 I ran a competition where I gave away my wedding photography to one lucky couple for 2014.That lucky couple was Esther and Ben who won me to shoot their Newton Hall wedding photography. When I pulled their names from the hat, I must admit, I had never heard of Newton Hall. Considering I live over 175 miles away from the Hall that’s not a huge surprise, so in the middle of August I jumped in my car and made the long 3 hour journey up north to Newton Hall. To say the trip was worthwhile would be an understatement.

Newton Hall is a proper ‘wow’ venue. It’s north of Alnwick, close to the sea and it is a brilliant wedding venue. Modern décor combined with amazing period features, huge grounds and a spectacular dining room make it one of the best wedding venues I’ve worked at. Esther was using one of the rooms within the hall for the bridal prep and the rooms are just spectacular. I was pretty pleased the long trip was more than worth it.

Travel Themed Wedding

Esther and Ben had met in Mexico whilst travelling. Both are well into scuba diving and only found out they had won after returning from more travelling in Thailand. These guys like to travel and it was fitting that their day was themed all around travel and the world with a brilliant world map table plan and a beach theme for the wedding breakfast. It’s a venue that can do the lot, service, reception, meal and evening reception and the staff there worked hard all day to make sure the wedding was run perfectly.

This is a proper wedding venue and one I can heartily recommend to anyone looking for something modern with wow factor. Since I shot this wedding I’ve been back to photograph my friend’s wedding there and I was lucky enough to try their food and I can confirm the food is amazing. I’m really lucky to work at some top drawer venues and I loved my first time shooting Esther and Ben’s Newton Hall wedding photography.

It was a brilliant, fun, wedding, with tears from the bride and groom (I love happy tears), a proper international party crowd  who were more than up for it and a stunning venue. So here’s the day, music by The Human League, photos by me…


All Star Lanes Manchester Wedding // Neil and Ryan

Gay Wedding in Manchester

Neil and Ryan’s wedding was my first gay wedding in Manchester, at a venue I’ve worked at a couple of times before, All Star Lanes in The Great Northern. Same sex couples have been able to enter into a civil partnership since 2005, however back in March the law in England was finally changed to make same sex marriage legal in England, allowing same sex couples to enjoy the benefits of marriage, which are slightly different from that of a civil partnership.

All Star Lanes Wedding

Neil and Ryan had decided to have their wedding at All Star Lanes in Manchester and found me after seeing the styled photo-shoot I did with Jean Jackson Couture last year. Neil’s a proper northerner, hailing from near Middlesbrough whereas Ryan was born in Canada. Having both settled in Manchester they decided to get married in the city centre and they were very keen not to have anything too traditional, or in Ryan’s words ‘boring’, leading them to All Star Lanes where they were going to get married stood on a bowling alley. Safe to say that it wasn’t traditional or boring!

1950’s Themed Diner

All Star Lanes Manchester is a very cool 1950’s themed diner, but boy is it dark. I mean really dark. Coupled with my dislike of flash (which blows any documentary photography right out of the water) there was only one thing for it, to go with prime lenses and really high ISO. For the photographers out there, most of these shots were taken at 6400 ISO on my Nikon D800 using a rented Nikon 24mm 1.4G ED. It was the first time I had used this lens and it is absolutely stunning. It’s become the number one lens on my kit wish list, at £1500 it’s not cheap but based on how good it was for this wedding I’m certain it won’t be long until it’s added to my kit bag!

Low Summer Sun

Even though this was a July wedding, and the week before had been glorious sunshine, come the wedding day huge thunderstorms were forecast right after the wedding service at 6pm. To combat this we decided to grab a handful of couple photos before the service and as we walked back into All Star Lanes the rain started. The early couple photos seemed like a great idea as the clouds darkened and the rain started to pound down. However, I have no idea what happened in the 20 minutes during the service, as Neil and Ryan mingled with their guests the sun was out and it was out in force. So we quickly headed back out into the city and made the most of the long shadows the sun was casting over the streets. A great call it was too as I managed to get one of my favourite photos of the year as Neil and Ryan walked down St John Street with the low sun casting their shadows behind them.

So here’s Neil and Ryan’s day, music by HAIM, photos by me…


neil_ryan_lo_res-1 neil_ryan_lo_res-4 neil_ryan_lo_res-30 neil_ryan_lo_res-32 neil_ryan_lo_res-38 neil_ryan_lo_res-49 neil_ryan_lo_res-53 neil_ryan_lo_res-61 neil_ryan_lo_res-65 neil_ryan_lo_res-66 neil_ryan_lo_res-78 neil_ryan_lo_res-79 neil_ryan_lo_res-96 neil_ryan_lo_res-97 neil_ryan_lo_res-99 neil_ryan_lo_res-107 neil_ryan_lo_res-114 neil_ryan_lo_res-121 neil_ryan_lo_res-124 neil_ryan_lo_res-127 neil_ryan_lo_res-128 neil_ryan_lo_res-129 neil_ryan_lo_res-131 neil_ryan_lo_res-149 neil_ryan_lo_res-159 neil_ryan_lo_res-168 neil_ryan_lo_res-169 neil_ryan_lo_res-171 neil_ryan_lo_res-173 neil_ryan_lo_res-176 neil_ryan_lo_res-178 neil_ryan_lo_res-180 neil_ryan_lo_res-198 neil_ryan_lo_res-202 neil_ryan_lo_res-221 neil_ryan_lo_res-228 neil_ryan_lo_res-233 neil_ryan_lo_res-234 neil_ryan_lo_res-242 neil_ryan_lo_res-244 neil_ryan_lo_res-254

All Star Lanes, The Great Northern, 235 Deansgate, Manchester M3 4EN. 0161 871 3600

Marsh Hall Farm Wedding Photographer // Joanne and Brendan

bride and groom laughing and cuddling

Marsh Hall Farm Wedding Photography

1 week. 4 weddings. All starting with Joanne and Brendan who asked me to be their Marsh Hall Farm wedding photographer all the way back in the summer of 2013. I like organised couples, and these two were most definitely organised. Seeing as Brendan manages large scale events for a living, it came as no surprise that this was a superbly prepared wedding and it went like a dream. To top it off, we got spectacular weather for the reception at Marsh Hall Farm, making for some fantastic couple photos and a very happy wedding party!

I met Joanne at her parents house in Chorley where the tunes were pumping and the prosecco was flowing. This lot were up for a party! The bridal prep shots are some of my favourite of 2014 thanks to some amazing natural light that just lit Joanne up perfectly. Things slowed to a more sensible pace for the church service (as you’d expect) and I was once again allowed un-resticted access within the church to do my thing.

We then made the 40 minute drive out to Marsh Hall Farm which is between Blackpool and Preston. A converted barn on a proper working farm and we arrived with the sun. Result. Couple shots in the bag, food served (including blue champagne as a nod to Joanne and her dad who are big Manchester City fans), speeches done and a set of rather drunk best men and ushers delivered some of the best ‘groomsmen’ shots of the year before the first dance took place and I mad my way back down the M6.

I really enjoyed editing this set of images, obviously the sun helps, but this was a cracking wedding which I loved photographing mainly due to Joanne and Brendan being very relaxed about the photos (they just let me get on with it) and a set of guests who got right into the spirit of the day and had an amazing time.

So here’s Joanne and Brendan. Music by the awesome M83, photos by me…

bride puts her bracelet on marsh hall farm wedding photographer bride hugs a wedding guest bride and groom laughing and cuddling

Marsh Hall Farm, Garstang Road, Great Eccleston, Preston, Lancashire PR3 0XA. 01995 670582