Bagden Hall Wedding Photography // Ruth and Ged

bagden hall wedding photography

Bagden Hall Wedding Photography 

Easter weekend saw me tackle three weddings in four days and all being set within Halls (the other weddings at Oulton Hall and Rookery Hall) with the final one on Easter Sunday being Ruth and Ged’s Bagden Hall wedding photography.

Once again I had the help of Daniel Lloyd along with me second shooting as Ruth and Ged wanted the preparation covering for both of them. I started with Ruth and her team at her parents home in Wakefield whilst Dan covered the fella’s at Ged’s house. Also covering the preparation was the video team from Dave Spink Photography (who I worked with last year at Hannah and Steve’s wedding in Rochdale).

We then teamed up to shoot the service in Horbury, near Wakefield, and this was a service with a twist. Not only did Ruth’s dad walk her down the aisle, but during the first hymn, he disappeared into the back of the church and re-appeared in his collar and gown to conduct the service and marry his daughter. It’s the first time I’ve ever shot a wedding where the father of the bride was also the minister for the wedding and it was a genuinely lovely family moment to watch Ruth’s father actually give away his daughter!

After a handful of formal groups outside the church we made our way to Huddersfield for the reception and Ruth and Ged’s Badgen Hall wedding photography. With a tight turnaround to the wedding breakfast I had to work fast to grab the couple photos in the gardens whilst Dan shot the guests enjoying a drink or two inside Bagden Hall.

The speeches were some of the best I’ve seen at a wedding with two standout performances from the best men, one of them being Ged’s son who delivered one of the funniest speeches I’ve ever witnessed (and I think he’s only about 8 years old making it even more brilliant), before Ged’s other best man performed a spectacular reworking of ‘Let It Go’ revealing all of Ged’s many hilarious stories (including a story that Ged had managed to keep from his parents for over 15 years that raised a LOT of eyebrows!) Needless to say, the best men got two huge, and deserved, standing ovations.

With the sun setting Ruth and Ged nipped outside to grab a handful of couple shots with some off camera flash (you know, the ‘wow’ shots) before kicking off the night party with their first dance. It was a fantastic day with cracking weather, a huge crowd of up for it guests and a photography and video team that worked brilliantly together to capture Ruth and Ged’s brilliant Bagden Hall wedding photography.

So here’s Ruth and Ged’s Bagden Hall wedding photography, music by James Bay, photos by me…

bagden hall wedding photography bagden hall wedding photography bagden hall wedding photography

Bagden Hall Hotel, Wakefield Rd, Scissett, Denby Dale, West Yorkshire HD8 8SZ. 01484 865330

Astley Bank Wedding Photography // Hannah and Nirmal

Astley Bank Wedding Photography

I love it when a plan comes together. Back in April 2014, a day before I was due to to go to Liverpool to shoot a real wedding proposal on Pier Head for Tom and Nicola, I received a phone call from Nirmal enquiring as to whether I was free for his Astley Bank Wedding Photography in Septmeber. It turned out Nirmal and Hannah live in Liverpool, on the docks. About a mile from where I was doing my photo-shoot. It was like it was meant to be.

Hannah and Nirmal are both medical professionals who met at work in Liverpool but wanted to get married back in Hannah’s home town of Bolton, so they picked the Astley Bank Hotel for their wedding reception. The day was a personal one for the couple with the church service at Hannah’s local church St John The Evangelist in Bromley Cross. It’s a unique church unlike any other I’d ever photographed inside (see the photos) and the service had a full choir, which always adds to the service. To make it even more personal, both of Hannah’s sisters sung during the wedding, which was very emotional, especially for Nirmal who I managed to photograph letting a little tear slip out.

After the service we made our way up to The Astley Bank Hotel for the reception and Hannah and Nirmal arrived in their vintage Morris Minor supplied by Regent Classics. The two cars are beautiful and they are in pristine condition. They look amazing and I would heartily recommend Regent Classics if you’re looking for a quirky wedding car. The cars were so good I managed to get one in the background of the confetti shot as Hannah and Nirmal made their way into the Astley Bank in one of my favourite confetti shots, ever!

It was the first time I had shot any Astley Bank wedding photography and it’s a fantastic wedding venue. Modern decor, great staff and a newly built extension for the wedding breakfast and evening reception make this a wedding venue well worth checking out in Bolton. The speeches were very funny and at times touching. Nirmal’s parents had flown in from India for the day and we were all in for a huge treat as Hannah and Nirmal performed a fusion of a traditional wedding first dance that segued into a brilliant Indian dance routine that had all the guests cheering loudly along.

So here’ Hannah and Nirmals Astley Bank wedding photography. Music by Coldplay, photos by me…

The Astley Bank Hotel, Bolton Road, Darwen, Lancashire BB3 2QB. 01254 777700

Briarfields Wedding Photography // Tor and Damien

bride and her father walking down the aisle at a wedding in norfolk


Wedding Photography in Titchfield

On a Friday afternoon in early September Mrs T and I jumped in the car and made the long journey across the country to Titchwell in Norfolk to shoot Tor and Damien’s Briarfields wedding photography. Now Mrs T doesn’t normally join me on my wedding expeditions, but as Tor was one of her old York student house mates she was also invited along for the day. Tor is a life force unlike any other person you’ll ever meet. When I first met her, within seconds, it was like I’d known her for 20 years, she’s a huge character, up for anything and someone who is always laughing, so I knew this wedding was going to be one of the highlights of my year. However, it exceeded even my lofty  expectations and became one of the best weddings I’ve ever photographed!

Brancaster Beach Photos

With an Aussie who hails from the Gold Coast and a location right by the sea, there was only one place for the couple photos, Brancaster Beach. It was whilst shooting the couple photos that I noticed Damien was a total natural in front of the camera and I even complimented him on how good he was. An hour later I felt like a bit of a clown when I found out that Damien is something of a celebrity in Brisbane as he’s an investigative journalist for Seven News in Brisbane. So it’s no wonder he knew what he was doing in front of the camera.

Briarfields Wedding

The rest of the day was fantastic, with lively bridal prep followed by a laughter filled church service in Wells By The Sea. Once we’d grabbed the couple photos and a handful of formals we had the wedding breakfast which was fantastic.  The chef at Briarfields has since made it through the semi-finals of  Masterchef: The Professionals, which tells you how good the food is! In fact the whole team at Briarfields were excellent all day long and they couldn’t have been more helpful with me if they’d tried. To round the day off I managed to get one of my favourite ever first dance photos, which pretty much summed up how amazing the whole day was. I can’t do Tor and Damien’s wedding justice in this blog, it just worked and it was one of my wedding highlights of 2014.

So here’s Tor and Damien’s Briarfields wedding photography. Music by George Ezra, photos by me…

bride and her father walking down the aisle at a wedding in norfolk bride holding her bouquet on brancaster beach bride laughing holding her bouquet on brancaster beach wedding couple walking on brancaster beach wedding couple stoof behind a sandcastle at brancaster beach in norfolk first dance at briarfields in titchwell first dance at briarfields in titchwell

Briarfields, Main Rd, Titchwell, King’s Lynn, Norfolk PE31 8BB. 01485 210742

2014 // The Best Bits…

So that was 2014. Another incredible year. I’ve shot 46 weddings, all different, all unique, all amazing. I’ve traveled over 7143 miles to Scotland, North Wales, Yorkshire, The Lake District, Northumberland, London and Ibiza. The Nikon’s have fired their way through 64438 photos. I’ve worked in castle’s, country houses, a working metal works, boutique hotels, a swimming pool, on a bowling alley, on the beach, country pubs, town halls, tipis and on Concorde. Every wedding has been different and I’ve been so lucky to have worked with relaxed, creative, and most importantly, fun couples throughout 2014. Without you guys I wouldn’t get to do what I love and I can’t thank you all enough for asking me to tag along on your day. It’s you guys who make me look good!

I’m already excited about 2015, I’ll be back at some of my favourite venues, taking in a bunch of new and exciting places all over the UK and there may even be a trip abroad for something very exciting

It’s been tough to choose the best bits of 2014, but after much deliberation, here’s a hand picked selection of my favourite wedding photos. I hope you like them too!




Healds Hall Hotel Wedding Photographer // Claire and Chris

bride and groom stood in front of sunset

Healds Hall Hotel Wedding Photography

I love shooting the weddings of my friends, so I loved it when Claire and Chris asked me to be their Healds Hall Hotel wedding photographer at the end of August. I’ve known Chris, or as I really know him, Lenny, since we started playing in the same five a side team back in 2005. Chris was our star goal keeper and as I have somewhat dubious footballing abilities, he regularly saved my skin after some of my (regularly) questionable defending. Since we became friends I’ve also used Chris in his more professional capacity to provide carpets for me. In fact I can drop a shameless plug in here for his and the best man Ryan’s company The Carpet and Vinyl Showroom, as they do a cracking job at a great price, so much so plenty of my friends and family have also used them!

In fact, it was whilst fitting carpets that he met Claire, who was the daughter of one of his clients. In between expertly re-fitting her parent’s house he also managed to chat Claire up and the rest is, what do they say, history. Since then they’ve had Jess and after about 8 years Chris finally popped the question. I was absolutely delighted to be asked to shoot their day, especially as Chris explained that they wanted to keep the day personal and only use suppliers they know. Which leads onto why they chose their wedding venue, Healds Hall Hotel in Liversedge as Claire used to work there and has remained great friends with all the staff. So much so that it was like the staff were guests too and everything felt like one big house party all day long! Surrounded by a cracking group of people, with stunning weather and a best man’s speech that had me streaming with tears of laughter behind the cameras, this was a brilliant wedding and I loved every minute of it.

Here’s Claire and Chris’ day, music by Wild Club, photos by me…

CLAIRE_CHRIS_HEALDS_HALL_HOTEL-5 CLAIRE_CHRIS_HEALDS_HALL_HOTEL-7 CLAIRE_CHRIS_HEALDS_HALL_HOTEL-8 CLAIRE_CHRIS_HEALDS_HALL_HOTEL-16 CLAIRE_CHRIS_HEALDS_HALL_HOTEL-18 CLAIRE_CHRIS_HEALDS_HALL_HOTEL-22 CLAIRE_CHRIS_HEALDS_HALL_HOTEL-27 CLAIRE_CHRIS_HEALDS_HALL_HOTEL-28 CLAIRE_CHRIS_HEALDS_HALL_HOTEL-33 CLAIRE_CHRIS_HEALDS_HALL_HOTEL-34 CLAIRE_CHRIS_HEALDS_HALL_HOTEL-35 CLAIRE_CHRIS_HEALDS_HALL_HOTEL-44 bride walking up the aisle at healds hall hotel bride walking up the aisle at healds hall hotel CLAIRE_CHRIS_HEALDS_HALL_HOTEL-55 bride and groom getting married at healds hall hotel bride and groom walking down the aisle at healds hall hotel CLAIRE_CHRIS_HEALDS_HALL_HOTEL-73 CLAIRE_CHRIS_HEALDS_HALL_HOTEL-74 CLAIRE_CHRIS_HEALDS_HALL_HOTEL-76 CLAIRE_CHRIS_HEALDS_HALL_HOTEL-78 CLAIRE_CHRIS_HEALDS_HALL_HOTEL-81 helads hall hotel wedding photographer CLAIRE_CHRIS_HEALDS_HALL_HOTEL-87 helads hall hotel wedding photographer CLAIRE_CHRIS_HEALDS_HALL_HOTEL-98 CLAIRE_CHRIS_HEALDS_HALL_HOTEL-115 CLAIRE_CHRIS_HEALDS_HALL_HOTEL-116 grooms speech at healds hall hotel best man doing his speech best man and groom laughing and shaking hands at a wedding bride with sunset through trees beghind her bride and groom stood in front of sunset CLAIRE_CHRIS_HEALDS_HALL_HOTEL-142 groom stood in front of sunset bride and groom stood in front of sunset healds hall hotel wedding first dance healds hall hotel wedding first dance

Healds Hall Hotel, Leeds Road, Listing Drive, Liversedge, West Yorkshire WF15 6JA. 01924 409112

All Star Lanes Manchester Wedding // Neil and Ryan

Gay Wedding in Manchester

Neil and Ryan’s wedding was my first gay wedding in Manchester, at a venue I’ve worked at a couple of times before, All Star Lanes in The Great Northern. Same sex couples have been able to enter into a civil partnership since 2005, however back in March the law in England was finally changed to make same sex marriage legal in England, allowing same sex couples to enjoy the benefits of marriage, which are slightly different from that of a civil partnership.

All Star Lanes Wedding

Neil and Ryan had decided to have their wedding at All Star Lanes in Manchester and found me after seeing the styled photo-shoot I did with Jean Jackson Couture last year. Neil’s a proper northerner, hailing from near Middlesbrough whereas Ryan was born in Canada. Having both settled in Manchester they decided to get married in the city centre and they were very keen not to have anything too traditional, or in Ryan’s words ‘boring’, leading them to All Star Lanes where they were going to get married stood on a bowling alley. Safe to say that it wasn’t traditional or boring!

1950’s Themed Diner

All Star Lanes Manchester is a very cool 1950’s themed diner, but boy is it dark. I mean really dark. Coupled with my dislike of flash (which blows any documentary photography right out of the water) there was only one thing for it, to go with prime lenses and really high ISO. For the photographers out there, most of these shots were taken at 6400 ISO on my Nikon D800 using a rented Nikon 24mm 1.4G ED. It was the first time I had used this lens and it is absolutely stunning. It’s become the number one lens on my kit wish list, at £1500 it’s not cheap but based on how good it was for this wedding I’m certain it won’t be long until it’s added to my kit bag!

Low Summer Sun

Even though this was a July wedding, and the week before had been glorious sunshine, come the wedding day huge thunderstorms were forecast right after the wedding service at 6pm. To combat this we decided to grab a handful of couple photos before the service and as we walked back into All Star Lanes the rain started. The early couple photos seemed like a great idea as the clouds darkened and the rain started to pound down. However, I have no idea what happened in the 20 minutes during the service, as Neil and Ryan mingled with their guests the sun was out and it was out in force. So we quickly headed back out into the city and made the most of the long shadows the sun was casting over the streets. A great call it was too as I managed to get one of my favourite photos of the year as Neil and Ryan walked down St John Street with the low sun casting their shadows behind them.

So here’s Neil and Ryan’s day, music by HAIM, photos by me…


neil_ryan_lo_res-1 neil_ryan_lo_res-4 neil_ryan_lo_res-30 neil_ryan_lo_res-32 neil_ryan_lo_res-38 neil_ryan_lo_res-49 neil_ryan_lo_res-53 neil_ryan_lo_res-61 neil_ryan_lo_res-65 neil_ryan_lo_res-66 neil_ryan_lo_res-78 neil_ryan_lo_res-79 neil_ryan_lo_res-96 neil_ryan_lo_res-97 neil_ryan_lo_res-99 neil_ryan_lo_res-107 neil_ryan_lo_res-114 neil_ryan_lo_res-121 neil_ryan_lo_res-124 neil_ryan_lo_res-127 neil_ryan_lo_res-128 neil_ryan_lo_res-129 neil_ryan_lo_res-131 neil_ryan_lo_res-149 neil_ryan_lo_res-159 neil_ryan_lo_res-168 neil_ryan_lo_res-169 neil_ryan_lo_res-171 neil_ryan_lo_res-173 neil_ryan_lo_res-176 neil_ryan_lo_res-178 neil_ryan_lo_res-180 neil_ryan_lo_res-198 neil_ryan_lo_res-202 neil_ryan_lo_res-221 neil_ryan_lo_res-228 neil_ryan_lo_res-233 neil_ryan_lo_res-234 neil_ryan_lo_res-242 neil_ryan_lo_res-244 neil_ryan_lo_res-254

All Star Lanes, The Great Northern, 235 Deansgate, Manchester M3 4EN. 0161 871 3600