Rookery Hall Wedding Photography // Clair and Kris

rookery hall wedding photography

Clair and Kris’ Rookery Hall Wedding Photography

I was already very excited about shooting Clair and Kris’ Rookery Hall wedding photography but my levels of excitement went off the chart the week before the wedding when I received a phone call from Simon, Clair’s dad asking me “Have you ever done any aerial photography? Do you want to do some next week?” Simon had secretly arranged for a helicopter to take the place of the wedding car and I was to fly with Clair and Kris for their Rookery Hall wedding photography.

I arrived at Clair’s parents for the preparation where Simon gave me the nod to confirm the flight was a ‘go’, yet I had to then pretend we’d never spoken before. Let’s just say that I probably wasn’t destined to be an actor! Now Clair is famous for being late (so say her bridesmaids and parents) and she didn’t disappoint on her wedding day, with the preparation running just a little over. It is traditional for the bride to be a little late for her own marraige service isn’t it?

Helicopter flight over Cheshire

After the service we made our way outside for the confetti shot then Simon told Clair and Kris to walk over to a friends house opposite the Church for a few photos with the Church in the backdrop. It was here that he told Clair and Kris that they wouldn’t be taking the car to Rookery Hall before unveiling the helicopter he had ‘hidden’ in a field. Now I’ve been lucky enough to fly in a couple of helicopters around New York and the Grand Canyon, but I’m still a nervous flyer at the best of times and as we took off there was only one of the four people in the helicopter that may have sworn more than once. Airborne photos certainly weren’t what I was expecting when I was booked to shoot Clair and Kris’s Rookery Hall wedding photography.

We took a 20 minute helicopter flight over Cheshire, flying around Jodrell Bank and then over Clair and Kris’ house and Kris’ cricket club before flying in to land at Rookery Hall. After we climbed out (some of us with slightly sweatier palms than others) the bridesmaids and groomsmen then had their turns whilst the rest of the guests enjoyed canapes, drinks and live music in the lawns as the helicopter flew over head. I’ve shot a wedding on an aircraft before (Gemma and Dean’s wedding on Concorde last year) but this was the first time I’ve ever shot a bride and groom in the air, despite being a little bit of a nervous flyer, we had a fantastic time and I loved every minute of shooting Clair and Kris’ helicopter flight. The rest of the day was thankfully on firm ground and Rookery Hall is a fantastic place to have your wedding and I really enjoyed my first time shooting Rookery Hall wedding photography.

So here’s Clair and Kris’s Rookery Hall wedding photography. Music by Camera Obscura, photos by me…

rookery hall wedding photography

rookery hall wedding photography rookery hall wedding photography

Rookery Hall, Main Rd, Worleston, Nantwich, Cheshire CW5 6DQ. 01270 610016

Rookery Hall Wedding Photography by James Tracey© 2015