Rivington Wedding Photography // Leanne and Mark

Rivington Wedding Photography

Leanne and Mark asked me to shoot their Rivington Wedding Photography way back in the middle of 2013 so in August 2014 I made my way up between Bolton and Chorley for my first visit ever to Rivington Hall Barn which adjoins Rivington Hall. The barn dates back to the 12th century and retains many of its original features including it’s huge oak beams. Having a quick nosey around the venue I knew it was going to look amazing in the background for the first dance. With stunning sunshine all day long (although it didn’t half get chilly in the evening) we had a great day.

Guardian Angels Church

Earlier on I’d popped round to Leanne’s house for the bridal prep before the service at The Guardian Angels church in Bury. I even had to step aside and let the Priest grab a photo for their twitter feed. Yep, this Church tweets! Priest Cannon was relaxed and accommodating for me which meant I got some brilliant service shots in a beautiful Church. After the service. we headed up to Rivington Hall Barn for a huge reception. There were over 100 people at the reception and if you’re having a large wedding then the Barn can easily accommodate your wedding. With stunning lighting it really is a ‘wow’ venue. The staff were brilliant too, with a few wedding guests delayed checking into their hotel, they were flexible and delayed the wedding breakfast so everyone could be there for the speeches and food. Not every wedding venue I’ve worked at would have been as accommodating as the guys at Rivington Hall. Great teamwork!

So here Leanne and Mark’s Rivington wedding photography. Music by Elbow, photos by me…

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Rivington Hall Barn, Rivington, Bolton, Lancashire BL6 7SB. 01204 697738