Lockdown Wedding Manchester | Hannah + Joe

So 2020 hasn’t been the year any of us hoped for. In terms of weddings, it’s been a pretty challenging year with almost all of my couples deciding to postpone their wedding until the COVID19 restrictions are less of an issue. However, for one couple waiting any longer was not an option. Hannah and Joe were due to be married in April at their local church, St Josephs in Sale before partying at The Castlefield Rooms in the city centre. Hannah and Joe postponed their wedding day to October but when weddings were allowed in the summer with 30 people present, Hannah and Joe decided that they just wanted to get married. Hannah and Joe’s lockdown wedding in Manchester would be my only summer wedding of 2020, so I was going to make the most of shooting their day!

St Josephs Church in Sale

I started the day with groom and bridal preparations at Hannah and Joe’s house with Joe and the gents before popping around the corner to Hannah’s parents house for the bridal preparation. Preparation was great, plenty of laughter and a relaxed feeling with both Hannah and Joe. It was a relief to get back to shooting a wedding and nothing felt different from a pre-COVID wedding. St Joseph’s Church in sale was set up for a socially distanced wedding which was pretty easy to accommodate as the church is huge. With 26 guests the church could have felt a little quiet but it didn’t, there was huge excitement and anticipation as everyone was very much looking forward to a wedding!

Happy Wedding Service

Hannah made her entrance with a huge smile and was greeted by an equally huge smile from Joe at the top of the aisle. Their service was wonderful, personalised and full of happiness and laughter. After all the challenges of 2020, seeing a wedding take place was a huge lift, not only for the guests but the for people passing who tooted their horns and shouted their best wishes. Seeing a newly married couple was something most people hadn’t seen for a while and it was lovely to see the joy friends and the public took from seeing a newly married couple. After the wedding service we visited a nearby park for a handful of couple photos before the end of Hannah and Joe’s wedding part one! Whilst some may suggest weddings are non-essential at times like this, I’d fully argue that they are very much needed, they are integral to society, they bring joy and happiness to people and are a one of the happiest and most positive events in our lives. Right now, I feel weddings are more important than ever, they give us hope, happiness and unity at a time when many are divided and fearful. It was an absolute pleasure to be at Hannah and Joe’s wedding and I cannot wait to shoot part two of their day in 2021!

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