Huddersfield Wedding Photography // Lisa and Graham

huddersfield wedding photography

This was definitely one of my favourite weddings of 2013. I met Graham when he replaced our bathroom in June this year (he’s brilliant, check out Ellis Property Services if you need anything, and I mean anything, doing at your home!). Over the weeks Graham worked at my house, I got to know Graham pretty well and whilst chatting about football, cricket, F1 or any other sport I found out he was getting married in September to Lisa.

Now Lisa and Graham haven’t had a great time over the last few years, as Lisa’s daughter, Bailey, was diagnosed with a brain and spine tumor in 2008 and whilst fighting that, she was also diagnosed with Leukemia. With amazing support from the NHS, local charities, the public and Huddersfield Town (Graham’s football team), £25,000 was raised to send Bailey, Lisa and Graham to the USA for pioneering ProCure Proton Therapy in Oklahoma. If you want to read more about Bailey and her amazing story, The Huddersfield Examiner has followed her story all the way here!

Thankfully Bailey’s situation has stabilised which finally gave Lisa and Graham the chance to tie the knot. So it’s safe to say, there was a bit of emotion in this wedding. That said, Lisa and Graham were absolutely certain that this should be a fun celebration, where every rule should be broken. They were so relaxed about the day they even saw each other right up until Lisa put her dress on!

Their service was held at Huddersfield Town Hall, and as promised, there were a few tears and plenty of smiles. I managed to get some brilliant shots of Lisa and Graham that say it all! When I leaked a couple of these photos onto my Facebook page, they were the most popular images I’ve ever posted there. The photos had thousands of views, which probably shows how popular Lisa and Graham are!

After the service we headed up to Huddersfield Railway Station. As we walked through the town centre there were plenty of well wishers offering their congratulations before we stopped for a pint in The Head of Steam pub. Again, breaking with tradition, there were no wedding cars in this wedding. The bride and groom were catching the train back to Mirfield. It’s safe to say the other travellers were somewhat surprised to see a bride and groom in their carriage.

There was a small reception at Brooks Deli in Mirfield, where Graham had refitted their cellar earlier this year. So it seemed fitting to grab some couple and family shots in the middle of his handy-work. Afterwards, the speeches were held in the style of a Norwegian wedding, where anyone can make a speech, at any time. Plenty of the guests stood up to share their amusing, and sometimes embarrassing, stories. It was a brilliant, informal way to round off a fantastic, emotional and personal wedding!

Lisa and Graham held a larger party the following day in Huddersfield, which sadly I couldn’t make as I had a prior wedding booking, but I’ve no doubt they had an amazing night.

After hearing about the tough time the Ellis/Coppack family have had over the last few years, I decided to waive my fee for wedding photography so that they had one less thing to worry about on their big day. So many people had been so generous in support of Bailey, it was nice to be able to make a small contribution. I genuinely wish them the best of luck and hope Bailey continues to win in her remarkable battle.

So here’s their Huddersfield Wedding photography. Music by Metric, photos by me…

huddersfield wedding photography huddersfield wedding photography huddersfield wedding photography