Healds Hall Hotel Wedding Photographer // Claire and Chris

bride and groom stood in front of sunset

Healds Hall Hotel Wedding Photography

I love shooting the weddings of my friends, so I loved it when Claire and Chris asked me to be their Healds Hall Hotel wedding photographer at the end of August. I’ve known Chris, or as I really know him, Lenny, since we started playing in the same five a side team back in 2005. Chris was our star goal keeper and as I have somewhat dubious footballing abilities, he regularly saved my skin after some of my (regularly) questionable defending. Since we became friends I’ve also used Chris in his more professional capacity to provide carpets for me. In fact I can drop a shameless plug in here for his and the best man Ryan’s company The Carpet and Vinyl Showroom, as they do a cracking job at a great price, so much so plenty of my friends and family have also used them!

In fact, it was whilst fitting carpets that he met Claire, who was the daughter of one of his clients. In between expertly re-fitting her parent’s house he also managed to chat Claire up and the rest is, what do they say, history. Since then they’ve had Jess and after about 8 years Chris finally popped the question. I was absolutely delighted to be asked to shoot their day, especially as Chris explained that they wanted to keep the day personal and only use suppliers they know. Which leads onto why they chose their wedding venue, Healds Hall Hotel in Liversedge as Claire used to work there and has remained great friends with all the staff. So much so that it was like the staff were guests too and everything felt like one big house party all day long! Surrounded by a cracking group of people, with stunning weather and a best man’s speech that had me streaming with tears of laughter behind the cameras, this was a brilliant wedding and I loved every minute of it.

Here’s Claire and Chris’ day, music by Wild Club, photos by me…

CLAIRE_CHRIS_HEALDS_HALL_HOTEL-5 CLAIRE_CHRIS_HEALDS_HALL_HOTEL-7 CLAIRE_CHRIS_HEALDS_HALL_HOTEL-8 CLAIRE_CHRIS_HEALDS_HALL_HOTEL-16 CLAIRE_CHRIS_HEALDS_HALL_HOTEL-18 CLAIRE_CHRIS_HEALDS_HALL_HOTEL-22 CLAIRE_CHRIS_HEALDS_HALL_HOTEL-27 CLAIRE_CHRIS_HEALDS_HALL_HOTEL-28 CLAIRE_CHRIS_HEALDS_HALL_HOTEL-33 CLAIRE_CHRIS_HEALDS_HALL_HOTEL-34 CLAIRE_CHRIS_HEALDS_HALL_HOTEL-35 CLAIRE_CHRIS_HEALDS_HALL_HOTEL-44 bride walking up the aisle at healds hall hotel bride walking up the aisle at healds hall hotel CLAIRE_CHRIS_HEALDS_HALL_HOTEL-55 bride and groom getting married at healds hall hotel bride and groom walking down the aisle at healds hall hotel CLAIRE_CHRIS_HEALDS_HALL_HOTEL-73 CLAIRE_CHRIS_HEALDS_HALL_HOTEL-74 CLAIRE_CHRIS_HEALDS_HALL_HOTEL-76 CLAIRE_CHRIS_HEALDS_HALL_HOTEL-78 CLAIRE_CHRIS_HEALDS_HALL_HOTEL-81 helads hall hotel wedding photographer CLAIRE_CHRIS_HEALDS_HALL_HOTEL-87 helads hall hotel wedding photographer CLAIRE_CHRIS_HEALDS_HALL_HOTEL-98 CLAIRE_CHRIS_HEALDS_HALL_HOTEL-115 CLAIRE_CHRIS_HEALDS_HALL_HOTEL-116 grooms speech at healds hall hotel best man doing his speech best man and groom laughing and shaking hands at a wedding bride with sunset through trees beghind her bride and groom stood in front of sunset CLAIRE_CHRIS_HEALDS_HALL_HOTEL-142 groom stood in front of sunset bride and groom stood in front of sunset healds hall hotel wedding first dance healds hall hotel wedding first dance

Healds Hall Hotel, Leeds Road, Listing Drive, Liversedge, West Yorkshire WF15 6JA. 01924 409112