Etrop Grange Wedding Photography // Jen and Lewis

Etrop Grange Wedding Photography

Honest Emotion

Jen and Lewis booked me to shoot their Etrop Grange wedding photography back in August. The day started at Jens’ parents home in Altrincham for the pre-wedding preparation. Jen was very relaxed, laughing and joking with her friends and parents all whilst enjoying a quick drink of champagne. Once the hair and make up was complete and Jen was in her wedding dress it was time for the big reveal to Jen’s parents and both mum and dad were very emotional as they saw their daughter in her wedding dress. I always love this part of the wedding day with such honest emotion that always creates amazing photographs.

James Wray Wedding Cinematography

It was great to work alongside James Wray Wedding Cinematography at Jen and Lewis’ Etrop Grange wedding. James creates beautiful wedding films whilst being amazingly discreet during the wedding day. I highly recommend James to all my wedding couples, his work speaks for itself and as we share the same subtle style, it’s great to work alongside James and his team. It took a little negotiation from James and I to be allowed to shoot inside St Anne’s Church in Sale, but we were allowed to shoot the wedding, mainly thanks to our discreet style. Once Jen and Lewis were married and a handful of family formals shot outside the church, we left and made our way to the reception.

Etrop Grange Hotel

Jen and Lewis had their reception at The Etrop Grange Hotel. The Etrop Grange is a Georgian townhouse located close to Manchester airport. It was great to see light up letters from my wedding buddies The Word Is Love set up inside the Etrop Grange. With stunning summer sun, the guests enjoyed drinks outside The Etrop Grange before the wedding breakfast started. Once the speeches were complete, Jen and Lewis joined myself and James Wray for a quick walk in the nearby park whilst the sun set behind us to create some dramatic couple photos. We were pretty pleased with the images we created thanks to the amazing light!

So here’s Jen and Lewis’ Etrop Grange wedding photography. Photos by me, music by Phil Collins (Lewis’ favourite)…

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