Don’t Tell The Bride Wedding Photography // Holly & Anthony

Don’t Tell The Bride Wedding Photography

Last night a new series of BBC Three’s super popular wedding series Don’t Tell The Bride started, which prompted me to look back on last years wedding between Holly and Anthony Richardson, my very own Don’t Tell The Bride wedding!

It was a long day, with the service at Stapleford Park and the reception at the National Space Centre in Leicester. Anthony’s into all things space you see. I’m sure you know the premise of the show, girl and boy leave each other for 3 weeks, boy plans wedding of his dreams with £15,000, girl has no say at all. Car crash TV!

I’ve looked at plenty of fellow photographers who have also covered a Don’t Tell The Bride wedding and the general consensus is that working around a 10 strong film crew is challenging. Coupled with the breaks for filming, the day is a long one, the first dance wasn’t until midnight! However, I loved it. I’m a fan of the show, as it proves the only thing you need on your wedding day are your friends, family and each other. No matter what setting the groom picks, the brides always love their day and it was no different with Holly and Anthony.

My video from the day is here.

Don't Tell The Bride wedding Holly and Anthony