Concorde Wedding Photography // Gemma and Dean


Concorde wedding photography

Concorde Wedding Photography

If I’m honest, I was probably as excited as Gemma and Dean were on their wedding day. I mean, how often is it that you get to photograph a wedding on Concorde?

Gemma and Dean booked me for their Concorde wedding photography, mainly because of my enthusiasm. I LOVE Concorde. As an 80’s child, Concorde was the future. I mean, it doesn’t look like any other plane does it? In fact it looks more like a space ship and as a young kid I was absolutely fascinated by it. I still remember the day it flew over our house, everyone (and I mean everyone) on the street came out to look up at it. A few years later I saw it take off from Heathrow and I was amazed by the roar of the engines. It was spectacular. I also never thought I’d get to go on board Concorde. My dad used to tell me it was only for the rich and famous, of which we were neither rich nor famous. In fact, at the time, I’d never even been abroad, let alone on a plane, so the prospect of climbing aboard the greatest aircraft ever built was but a distant dream.

That’s why I was so excited to shoot Gemma and Deans Concorde wedding photography. Okay, I didn’t board the plane to go anywhere, and normally I hate going to Manchester Airport if I’m not jetting off anywhere, but boarding Concorde was just as exciting as I thought it would be. It’s small on board, in fact, it’s tiny. An aisle wide enough for one, 2 seats either side, a low roof. In fact it wasn’t very flash. But then again, Concorde didn’t need to be flash, it did everything at twice the speed of sound. That’s flash!

In terms of a wedding, it’s a challenging environment with low light and no room for manoeuvre. So combat this, Stu Manning joined me as the second shooter to make sure we had all the angles covered. It was a fantastic wedding, every guest loved the setting and my only regret is not being able to get in on one of the official tours of the plane (which every guest did and they all said it was brilliant!) The reception was at the nearby Radisson Blu where speeches were followed by a pop up casino and photo booth. There was no first dance (sadly) as Dean is a reluctant dancer, but the reception continued the travel theme with a table plan designed like a departures board and each table named after Gemma and Dean’s favourite travel destinations!

A fantastic day, so here it is. Music by Coldplay, photos by me and Stu…

Concorde wedding photography Concorde wedding photography Concorde wedding photography Concorde wedding photography Concorde wedding photography Concorde wedding photography

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