Woodlands Hotel Leeds Wedding Photography // Gemma and Will


confetti shot in black and white

Woodlands Hotel Leeds Wedding Photography

Gemma and Will’s Woodlands Hotel Leeds wedding photography was my 49th and final wedding of 2016. It was nice to round the year off in familiar settings too at Woodlands Hotel Leeds. Although this was my first time shooting a wedding at Woodlands Hotel, I was a guest at my friends wedding there a couple of years ago so it was a venue I already knew. It’s a beautiful boutique hotel on the outskirts of Leeds and it is a fantastic choice for a wedding venue.

Discreet Wedding Photography

I started the day at Gemma’s home for the morning preparation. Once the girls were ready I headed off to the church in Roundhay in Leeds. Will was a mixture of nerves and excitement and was one of the happiest grooms I’ve ever photographed and that was before he married Gemma! The church service was great as I was allowed complete freedom to shoot the wedding without restriction. As always, I aim to be as discreet as possible but it’s still nice to be warmly greeted and allowed to do my thing!

Superb Speeches

After a fantastic confetti shot outside the church we all made the short journey through Leeds to Woodlands Hotel in Gildersome. With a cold, dark night drawing in, Gemma and Will braved the chilly Yorkshire air for their couple photos. Afterwards they headed inside to warm up and enjoy the company of their guests. Gemma and Will’s speeches were superb, hilarious and heartfelt in equal measure and rounded off by the best man who well and truly hammered Will! Gemma and Wills Woodlands Hotel Leeds wedding photography was complete with their first dance, where all their guests blew bubbles around them as they enjoyed the fantastic atmosphere.

Here’s Gemma and WIll’s Woodlands Hotel Leeds wedding photography. Music by COLLEAGUES, photos by me…

bride getting her wedding flowers hair and make up being applied bride reflected in the mirror bride getting in her wedding dress bride having her veil fitted groom greeting people at church bride arriving at church bride getting out of wedding car bride and her father walking up the wedding aisle bride at church wedding wedding guest wiping tears from her eyes wide angle of church wedding echange of wedding rings in leeds wedding gemma and will first kiss confetti shot in black and white bride and groom arriving at woodlands hotel leeds wedding guests at woodlands hotel leeds laughing wedding guestgroom laughing with a wedding guest at woodlands hotel leeds woodlands hotel leeds wedding photography groom toasting his mother bride talking to her brother mother laughing woodlands hotel leeds wedding photo bride and groom in black and white woodlands hotel leeds wedding photographer bride and groom in front of woodlands hotel leeds woodlands hotel leeds wedding father of the bride speechfather of the bride speech and guests at woodlands hotel leeds groom speech at woodlands hotel leeds woodlands hotel leeds speeches at wedding bride looking at her husband best man speech at woodlands hotel leeds groom made to wear a daft hat groom laughin best man toasting wedding couple woodlands hotel leeds wide angle photo first wedding dance at woodlands hotel leeds woodlands hotel leeds first dance

Woodlands Hotel Leeds Wedding Photography © 2017 James Tracey

York Pavilion Wedding Photography // Theresa and Matt

York Pavilion Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography at York Pavilion Hotel

Theresa and Matt’s wedding photography at York Pavilion came about thanks to a recommendation from Kirsty at Grace Films. Kirsty is friends with both Theresa and Matt and kindly put me forward when they were looking for someone to shoot their York Pavilion wedding photography. Having never shot a wedding in York I ended up shooting two in August with Theresa and Matt’s wedding coming only a couple of weeks after Jess and Tarkan’s wedding at The Merchant Adventurers Hall. York is a fabulous city and I always enjoy visiting. My day started out with Theresa at The York Pavilion alongside Kirsty and Lauren Sally Make Up Artist. I’ve worked with Lauren a few times and she is great fun and one of the most in demand make up artists in the UK. I can highly recommend Lauren for your wedding.

Emotional Wedding Service

Once Theresa was almost ready I made the short trip from York to Boston Spa, Theresa and Matt’s home time. I met up with Matt at the church where he was finishing getting ready whilst greeting the guests. Matt looked a little nervous as Theresa made her way up the aisle and I had been pre-warned by Kirsty that Matt was likely to get a little emotional, especially when their daughters did a joint reading. Kirsty wasn’t wrong, although Matt certainly wasn’t the only person in church wiping a tear away after his young daughters delivered a wonderful reading.

Couple Photos

After the marriage service was completed and the registers signed we made the trip back to York. I had seen a field on my way over I wanted to stop off at for some photos and by complete coincidence, it’s the same field Kirsty had wanted to use as she owns the land close by. With the weather turning against us and some uneven ground to deal with, Theresa and Matt were complete stars as we grabbed their couple photos in under ten minutes!

Magician Alfie Whattam

As we arrived back at The York Pavilion the rain started to bounce down, so the guests made the most of the bar whilst Kirsty and I shot them enjoying themselves. With time for a quick confetti shot in a break in the weather just before the wedding speeches and wedding breakfast. After the meal, star of ITV’s Britains Got Talent, magician Alfie Whattam entertained the guests with some fantastic magic.

So here’s Theresa and Matt’s York Pavilion Wedding photography. Music by COLLEAGUES, photos by me…


york-pavilion-wedding-photography-1 york-pavilion-wedding-photography-2 york-pavilion-wedding-photography-3 york-pavilion-wedding-photography-4 york-pavilion-wedding-photography-6 york-pavilion-wedding-photography-9 york-pavilion-wedding-photography-11 york-pavilion-wedding-photography-12 york-pavilion-wedding-photography-13 york-pavilion-wedding-photography-14 york-pavilion-wedding-photography-15 york-pavilion-wedding-photography-16 york-pavilion-wedding-photography-17 york-pavilion-wedding-photography-18 york-pavilion-wedding-photography-19 york-pavilion-wedding-photography-20 york-pavilion-wedding-photography-21 york-pavilion-wedding-photography-22 york-pavilion-wedding-photography-23 york-pavilion-wedding-photography-24 york-pavilion-wedding-photography-25 york-pavilion-wedding-photography-26 york-pavilion-wedding-photography-27 york-pavilion-wedding-photography-28 york-pavilion-wedding-photography-29 york-pavilion-wedding-photography-30 york-pavilion-wedding-photography-31 york-pavilion-wedding-photography-32 york-pavilion-wedding-photography-33 york-pavilion-wedding-photography-34 york-pavilion-wedding-photography-35 york-pavilion-wedding-photography-36 york-pavilion-wedding-photography-37 york-pavilion-wedding-photography-38 york-pavilion-wedding-photography-39 york-pavilion-wedding-photography-40 york-pavilion-wedding-photography-41 york-pavilion-wedding-photography-42 york-pavilion-wedding-photography-43 york-pavilion-wedding-photography-44 york-pavilion-wedding-photography-45 york-pavilion-wedding-photography-46York Pavilion Wedding Photography york-pavilion-wedding-photography-47york-pavilion-wedding-photography-48 york-pavilion-wedding-photography-49

York Pavilion Best Western, 45 Main St, Fulford, York YO10 4PJ. 0844 387 6049

York Pavilion Wedding Photography by James Tracey © 2016

Merchant Adventurers Hall Wedding Photography // Jess and Tarkan

bride and groom on the shambles in york

York City Centre

Jess and Tarkan may live in London but York was the setting for their Merchant Adventurers Hall Wedding Photography. With Jess growing up in York it was an obvious choice as the setting for her wedding to Tarkan with the unique and quirky backdrop of the Merchant Adventurers Hall. The wedding day started in York city centre at The Lawrence Apart-Hotel with Jess and her bridesmaids. I loved shooting the preparation as the light in The Lawrence was perfect and created some fantastic photographs. Jess’ dad Richard Barnes is a local artist and didn’t want to wear a ‘boring’ wedding suit, so he arrived in an outfit he had especially put together for the wedding. It’s the first time I have photographed a father of the bride seeing his daughter in her wedding dress when the bride was just as excited at seeing her dad as he was seeing Jess.

Merchant Adventurers’ Hall

I made the short walk from The Lawrence to The Merchant Adventurers’ Hall to see a nervous Tarkan waiting at the top of the aisle. In another wedding first, Tarkan grabbed a selfie as Jess arrived at the bottom of the wedding aisle. As Jess arrived at the top of the aisle, the emotion of the moment took over and there were a few tears from Tarkan during the marriage service. Once married, Jess and Tarkan made their way into the sun drenched gardens for their wedding reception where they were greeted with champagne and canapes whilst their guests enjoyed the summer sun.

The Shambles

With limited time before the wedding breakfast, Jess and Tarkan took a short walk up to The Shambles for some couple photographs. The Shambles are always full of people but nothing parts the public like a bride and groom giving us a wonderful, natural photograph as Jess and Tarkan walked through York city centre. The wedding breakfast followed the couple photos and the speeches were incredibly emotional and heartfelt. Tarkan’s father’s speech was incredibly funny and touching. The evening reception was held underneath the Merchant Adventurers Hall with a late night party kicking off with a traditional Turkish dance where Jess and Tarkan both smashed clay pots before partying the night away. I had a fantastic time shooting Jess and Tarkan’s Merchant Adventurers Hall Wedding Photography on my first ever wedding in York city centre.

So here’s Jess and Tarkan’s Merchant Adventurers Hall Wedding Photography. Music by Bleachers, photos by me…

wedding preparation in york bridesmaid reflected in a mirror bride laughing bride in black and white wedding bridal preparation brideal make up champagne being poured bride putting on her wedding dress bride happy father of the bride laughing father daughter hug merchant adventurers york bride arriving at merchant adventurers york groom waiting for bride groom taking a selfie bride walking up the aisle wedding at merchant adventurers york bride and groom holding hands bride smiling at groom merchant adventuresses wedding first kiss at merchant adventurers york bride and groom walking back down the aisle bride and groom kissing wedding guests drinking bride in the sunshine bride laughing with guests merchant adventurers hall wedding photography bride and groom posing bride walking past york punters bride and groom on a bridge in york wide angle of bride and groom on bridge bride and groom posing bride and her bouquet bride and groom at speeches father of the bride speech groom speech groom toasting wedding guests father of the groom speech best man speech best man speaking first wedding dance at merchant adventurers york natural light first dance

Merchant Adventurers Hall Wedding Photography  by James Tracey © 2016

Merchant Adventurers Hall, Fossgate, York YO1 9XD. 01904 654818

The Star Inn Harome Wedding Photography // Ese and Ross

the star inn harome wedding photography

Wedding Photography at The Star Inn

Ese and Ross booked me to shoot their Star Inn Harome wedding photography back in one of the nicest villages in North Yorkshire. I’ve visited Harome to photograph a couple of weddings at the nearby Pheasant Hotel over the last two years. This was the first time I had shot wedding photography at  The Star Inn Harome.
The Star Inn is a well known venue in the area thanks to its Michelin starred owner and head chef Andrew Pern. Andrew has held a coveted Michelin Star for over a decade and The Star Inn is understandably very popular due to the superb cuisine on offer.  Having seen many celebrity Michelin starred chefs on TV, I imagined they’d all be quite intimidating and far too busy to chat to another wedding photographer, but Andrew was wonderfully welcoming and friendly and we had a brief chat about his appearance on BBC 2’s Great British Menu (a show Mrs T and I love) and on running such a successful restaurant.

Michelin Starred Chef

The morning preparations were all at The Star Inn with Ese and her two sisters before everyone made the short journey to the church in Harome village. With a small and select group of guests, the wedding was intimate and personal. After Ese and Ross were married it was back to The Star Inn for canapes and lawn games. Ese and Ross even joined in on the bouncy castle! Ese and Ross had asked for some photos of their seven course wedding breakfast, prepared by Andrew himself. Getting in the way of a top Michelin starred chef in his own kitchen is not advisable. However, Andrew was fantastically accommodating and I really enjoyed photographing the courses as they were prepared. Ese and Ross’ Star Inn Harome wedding photography was a lovely wedding to photograph and I thoroughly enjoyed visiting North Yorkshire once again.

So here’s Ese and Ross’ Star Inn Harome wedding photography. Music by BORNS, photos by me…

star-inn-harome-wedding-photography-1 star-inn-harome-wedding-photography-2 star-inn-harome-wedding-photography-3 star-inn-harome-wedding-photography-4 star-inn-harome-wedding-photography-5 star-inn-harome-wedding-photography-6 star-inn-harome-wedding-photography-8 star-inn-harome-wedding-photography-9 star-inn-harome-wedding-photography-10 star-inn-harome-wedding-photography-11 star-inn-harome-wedding-photography-12 star-inn-harome-wedding-photography-13 star-inn-harome-wedding-photography-14 star-inn-harome-wedding-photography-15 star-inn-harome-wedding-photography-16 star-inn-harome-wedding-photography-17 star-inn-harome-wedding-photography-18 star-inn-harome-wedding-photography-19 star-inn-harome-wedding-photography-20 star-inn-harome-wedding-photography-21 star-inn-harome-wedding-photography-22 star-inn-harome-wedding-photography-23 star-inn-harome-wedding-photography-24 star-inn-harome-wedding-photography-25 star-inn-harome-wedding-photography-26 star-inn-harome-wedding-photography-29 star-inn-harome-wedding-photography-30 star-inn-harome-wedding-photography-31 star-inn-harome-wedding-photography-32 star-inn-harome-wedding-photography-33 star-inn-harome-wedding-photography-34 star-inn-harome-wedding-photography-35 star-inn-harome-wedding-photography-36 star-inn-harome-wedding-photography-37 star-inn-harome-wedding-photography-38 star-inn-harome-wedding-photography-39 star-inn-harome-wedding-photography-42 star-inn-harome-wedding-photography-43 star-inn-harome-wedding-photography-44 star-inn-harome-wedding-photography-45 star-inn-harome-wedding-photography-47 star-inn-harome-wedding-photography-48 star-inn-harome-wedding-photography-49 star-inn-harome-wedding-photography-50 star-inn-harome-wedding-photography-51 star-inn-harome-wedding-photography-52 star-inn-harome-wedding-photography-53 star-inn-harome-wedding-photography-55 star-inn-harome-wedding-photography-56

The Star Inn Harome Wedding Photography by James Tracey © 2016

Halifax Wedding Photographer // Jen and Nik at Holdsworth House

bride and groom kssing

Halifax Wedding Photographer

Jen and Nik booked me to be their Halifax wedding photographer for their wedding day at the beautiful Holdsworth House. Holdsworth House is a venue I know well having shot Vicky and Joel’s wedding there last summer. It’s a brilliant wedding venue in Halifax and I was delighted to be asked along to shoot their wedding. I was also delighted to see Vicky and Laura from Unique Bridal Beauty who were on hair and make up duties. As I’ve mentioned before, not only are they top drawer hair and make up ladies, they’re also both former brides of mine, as I shot Vicky and Matt’s wedding in Ibiza and Laura and Andrew’s wedding in Manchester.

Jen was pretty calm throughout the morning preparation and it was only when her dad saw her for the first time that she cracked and shed a tear or two. Nik on the other hand was cheerfully greeting the guests in the wonderful summer sunshine. Jen and Nik were brave and opted for an outdoor wedding ceremony in the courtyard at Holdsworth House. As a Halifax wedding photographer whose last experience of Holdsworth House was in torrential rain, it was great to see bright sunshine as Jen walked down the aisle.

Natural, Documentary Style

Jen and Nik had a wonderful marriage ceremony and afterwards it was into the stunning gardens at Holdsworth House. It really is a beautiful wedding venue and in the sun, there are few better locations for your wedding reception. As the beer, cider and wine were downed the guests were photographed in my natural, documentary style. Jen and Nik joined me for twenty minutes of couple photos before their wedding breakfast.

I see a lot of wedding speeches and Nik’s best man absolutely nailed his best man speech. There were moments where I was laughing so much I almost forgot I was there to photograph the speech! With some gorgeous low summer sun, Jen and Nik joined me for a handful of photos in the gardens.  Jen and Nik’s first dance as husband and wife followed the photos and the party kicked on late into the night. I loved being Jen and Nik’s Halifax wedding photographer at Holdsworth House and can’t wait to head back there soon.

So here’s Jen and Niks wedding at Holdsworth House, photos by me, Music by BORNS…

holdsworth house in halifax bride having her hair set close up of make up being applied wedding dress being put on bride reflected in a mirror bride having her veil put on dad seeing daughter in wedding dress bride walking up the ailse at holdsworth house wedding at holdsworth house in halifax wedding service in halifax exchange of wedding rings at holdsworth house in halifax smiling bride first kiss at holdsworth hosue wedding bride and groom bride and groom in the sun wedding guests at holdsworth house smilign wedding guests happy wedding guests in halifax laughing wedding guests wide angle of wedding at holdsworth house small child drinking cool shot of groom bride and groom walking bride and groom at holdsworth house wedding photography in halifax black and white portrait photo bride portrait groom portrait holdsowrth house wedding photo bride and groom kissing at halifax wedding romantic photos bride and groom walking in front of holdsworth house halifax wedding photographer halifax wedding photography bride and groom kssing wedding speeches bride looking at her father groom speaking at his wedding best man at holdsworth house groom luaghing best man being thanked groom chatting to friends low sun over guests laughing wedding guests halifax wedding photographer holdsworth house wedding couple kissing in front of sun backlit wedding photos holdsworth house wedding photography first dance at holdsworth house halifax first dance wedding photo

Halifax Wedding Photographer James Tracey © 2016

East Riddlesden Hall Wedding Photography // Emma and Dan

bride and groom with new york brass band

Wedding at East Riddlesden Hall

Where do I start with Emma and Dan’s East Riddlesden Hall wedding photography? This was an absolutely amazing day and one of my favourite ever weddings for so many reasons. Emma and Dan live in London but traveled back up to Dan’s native Yorkshire for their wedding. I had an idea their wedding at East Riddlesden Hall would probably be a cracker. However, not only did it live up to my expectations, it absolutely blew them away.

I started the day working alongside the superb Lauren Sally on hair and make up duties. Lauren and I worked together at Lindsay and Ian’s Ripley Castle wedding in 2014 and it was great to see a friendly face at bridal preparation. It’s safe to say between Lauren, Emma, her bridesmaids and myself, there were plenty of jokes flying around. I must add, almost all of them coming at my expense.

National Trust Wedding Venue

After the morning preparation I made my way to East Riddlesden Hall in Bradford which is now looked after by the National Trust. Having been run into a state of disrepair in the early 1900’s. You can read how East Riddlesden Hall was saved on the National Trust website here.

I absolutely love National Trust wedding venues having shot Jane and Lee’s wedding at Calke Abbey last summer. Weddings at National Trust properties are completely unique with amazing photo opportunities everywhere. East Riddlesden Hall is no exception and it is simply one of the most beautiful venues I have photographed a wedding at. As a result, I can highly recommend having your wedding at East Riddlesden Hall.

New York Brass Band

Emma and Dan’s marriage service was held in the barn at East Riddlesden Hall with huge smiles in full force throughout their service. After the ‘I do’s’ had been exchanged, Emma and Dan walked out into a huge confetti explosion before their big surprise. The New York Brass Band appeared behind them and escorted everyone through the grounds of East Riddlesden Hall to the gardens where the outdoor reception was taking place.

With East Riddlesden Hall being an especially stunning backdrop, It was easy to photograph everyone having a brilliant time. I cannot speak highly enough about The New York Brass Band as they performed brilliant, contemporary songs that everyone loved. I took a quick film on my iPhone so you can see a exactly how good they were…

Natural, Relaxed Couple Photos

I could’ve easily taken longer than 20 minutes for Emma and Dan’s natural, relaxed couple photos. Especially as there are so many opportunities for great photos when shooting East Riddlesden Hall wedding photography. In between the photos, The New York Brass Band performed a giant conga leading the guests back to the barn for the wedding speeches. As a result, we broke off from the photos and joined in the conga which was brilliant fun. In addition to the speeches there was an ‘Egg Yarping’ contest. This is a Butler family tradition where eggs are tapped on to each other with the unbroken egg progressing to the next round. The winner was the best man’s son who beat off all the guests to take the Egg Yarping crown.

Tom Rocks and The Replicants

Top wedding band (and my good mates) Tom Rocks and The Replicants arrived to setup for the evening reception. It was only a couple of weeks after Lisa and Matt’s wedding at Wood Hall Hotel when we least worked together. As always the lads were in great form, absolutely smashing the evening reception. By all accounts, not one person was sat down during their second set, probably something to do with the surprise rendition of You’ll Never Walk Alone. Emma’s Dad who is a massive Liverpool fan, as is singer Tom, so I suspect he will have enjoyed that one.

All in all this was an amazing wedding from start to finish. Emma and Dan are a brilliant couple who laughed through every minute of their wedding day alongside a top crowd and amazing performances from The New York Brass Band and Tom Rocks and The Replicants. Finally I must say a huge thanks to East Me, Drink Me for their gorgeous food and to Evelyn who ran the day perfectly making it an absolute pleasure to shoot Emma and Dan’s East Riddlesden Hall wedding photography. It’s almost certainly one of my favourite weddings of 2016 and I can’t wait to return to East Riddlesden Hall.

So here’s Emma and Dan’s East Riddlesden Hall wedding photography. Music by BØRNS, photos by me…

bridal make up bride in a mirror wedding dress hung up father of the bride hug east riddleston hall bride in wedding car bride getting out of car bride and groom smiling bride reflected in a lamp bride and groom smiling exchange of wedding rings father of the bride watching on first kiss at a wedding at east riddleston hall walking back down the aisle confetti shot at east riddleston hall wedding new york brass band at east riddleston hall guests dancing new york brass band reception in the gardens at east riddleston hall bride in black and white usher smiling bride pulling a daft face bridesmaids laughing eat me drink me scones bride laughing loudly wedding guests laughing bride and groom with new york brass band groom kissing the bride brides veil blowing in the wind east riddleston hall wedding photography wedding at east riddleston hall east riddleston hall wedding photography east riddleston hall wedding photography bride and groom posing conga to new york brass band wide angle of the conga new york brass band sat down playing new york brass band close up wedding couple overlooking lake east riddleston hall wedding photography east riddleston hall wedding photography table plan groom laughter egg yarping child wining egg yarping child cheering father of the bride speech bride kissing her dad grooms speech best man speech wedding laughter wedding photos outside east riddleston hall wedding couple in lights east riddleston hall wedding photography east riddleston hall wedding photography east riddleston hall wedding photos east riddleston hall wedding photography first dance at east riddleston hall cheers at wedding reception bride dancing tom rocks and the replicants performaing wedding guests dancing large selfie on dancefloor tom rocks performing disco 2000 bride dancing wedding guests dancing tom rocks gettting guests to sing bride singing with tom rocks and the replicants wedding dancing with tom rocks

East Riddlesden Hall wedding photography by James Tracey © 2016

Wood Hall Hotel Wedding Photography // Lisa and Matt

wood hall hotel wedding photography

Wedding at Wood Hall Hotel

Lisa and Matt booked me to shoot their Wood Hall Hotel wedding photography which meant I got to visit Wood Hall Hotel and Spa for the first time. Lisa and Matt have featured on my blog before as they were guests at Vicky and Joel’s wedding at Holdsworth House last year and it was nice to see a few of my past couples at Lisa and Matt’s wedding, including Lisa’s mum Elaine and her husband Carl, Vicky and Joel and my old friend Matt and his wife Michelle.

Lisa and Matt had their wedding at Wood Hall Hotel starting with the preparation in one of the rooms overlooking the spectacular views. It was great to work alongside Make Up By Emma Milner during the morning preparations and it was also great to see the stunning work of Gemma Magson who produced the beautiful wedding flowers. Once the preparation was done the wedding was held in the main hall at the hotel and I caught up with a relaxed Matt awaiting Lisa’s arrival. The service room looked amazing thanks to the hard work by the team at Soulsby Lee with the marriage service full of laughter and as soon as Lisa and Matt were married it was onto the Prosecco and beers and the party well and truly started.

Natural, Relaxed Photos

Once again, the weather was a little unfavourable, but I found a short break in the rain to take Lisa and Matt outside for their Wood Hall hotel Wedding photography. For fifteen minutes the weather held off long enough and we got all the natural, relaxed photos I needed so we could head back inside to the warmth of the bar for a well earned drink. With the speeches opening up the wedding reception (and, I must say, an excellent speech from Matt) the guests enjoyed the wedding breakfast whist I met up with my friends Tom Rocks and The Replicants who were hanging out in the ‘green room’. I’m the band’s biggest fan and probably their only official ‘groupie’ and it was good to catch up with them all as it had been a few months since we last worked together at Kate and Chris’ Abbeywood Estate wedding in December.

Once the band were set up they brilliantly performed the first dance and from that moment on, the dance floor was absolutely packed and it remained full long after I had left. Tom Rocks and The Replicants really are the best wedding band in the business and they had the guests going absolutely crazy.  So here’s Lisa and Matt’s Wood Hall Hotel wedding photography. Music by M83, photos by me…

wood hall hotel and spa sign outside wood hall hotel wedding slippers bridal make up bride having make up applied bridal preparation close up of make up bride laughing reflection of bride in mirror bridal party on stairs bride walking up the aisle bride at top of the wedding aisle wedding at wood hall hotel groom putting wedding ring on laughter first kiss at wood hall hotelwedding couple walking back down the aisle wedding reception at wood hall hotel bets man laughing wedding guest eating canapes bridesmaid laughing bride showing off her wedding ring bride with family bride laughing at joke wood hall hotel wedding photography bride and groom kissing bride and groom wedding photo wood hall hotel wedding photography bride and groom cuddling bride and groom photo wedding at wood hall hotel wedding photography wood hall hotel wedding photographyfather of the bride speech wedding toast groom speech bride laughing at groom groom toast best man speech notes laughter best men speeches cutting the wedding cake wedding first dance at wood hall tom rocks and the replicants wedding band crazy dancing mad wedding guests

Wood Hall Hotel and Spa, Trip Lane, Wetherby, Yorkshire LS22 4JA. 0845 072 7564

Wood Hall Hotel wedding photography by James Tracey © 2016

Millennium Gallery Wedding Photography // Tracy and Mike

millennium gallery wedding photography

City Centre Wedding

I love a city centre wedding and as I had never shot a wedding in Sheffield I couldn’t wait to shoot Tracy and Mikes Millennium Gallery wedding photography in February. I’ve been lucky enough to have shot city centre weddings in Manchester, London and New York and it was great to add Sheffield to my list as it’s a city I know pretty well with my brother living in the city when he was a footballer for Sheffield United a few years ago. I’ve spent many a night out in the great (and no so great) bars and nightclubs around the city back in the mid 90’s (yes I am that old) so it was good to head back to a much changed city centre. The Millennium Gallery was opened in 2001 with space for permanent and temporary exhibits, corporate events and weddings, and it was the later that took me to the Gallery to shoot Tracy and Mike’s Millennium Gallery wedding photography.

Tracy was getting ready nearby at The Leopold Hotel and I met up there to start the day with a few photos of the bridal preparation before Tracy’s father saw Tracy in her dress for the first time. A short walk took us through a busy Sheffield full of Saturday shoppers to the Town Hall with lots of passers by congratulating Tracy. I love this part of shooting city centre weddings, the well wishers really add to the day and it’s great to see the huge smiles from strangers as we walked to Sheffield Town Hall. As Tracy spoke to the registrars I caught up with Mike waiting patiently at the top of the aisle (Tracy was only slightly late). There was a bit of emotion as Mike saw Tracy for the first time before a lovely marriage service took place.

Wedding Photography at Millennium Gallery

As Tracy and Mike left Sheffield Town Hall their guests showered them in confetti and I then grabbed a handful of photos as we made the short walk to The Millennium Gallery. With a huge indoor garden we took five minutes out to grab some wedding photography at Millennium Gallery before Tracy and Mike mingled with their guests at the reception. Tracy and Mike had a Thai themed reception as they both love Thailand, with decorations, table names and a Thai menu for the wedding breakfast. I love it when couples make their wedding about the things they love and break with tradition. The speeches followed the wedding breakfast and with a few minutes before the Gallery closed to the public, Tracy and Mike joined me for another 10 minutes of couple photos in the dark to get a slightly different feel to their Millennium Gallery wedding photography.

I’d been warned in advance that Tracy and Mike’s first dance was going to be something special, but I had no idea how special it would be. Starting off with a slow dance, none of the guests knew what was coming when the music kicked it up and Tracy and Mike burst into a very lively and absolutely brilliant routine with the highlight being ‘I’m Sexy and I Know It’ which had the crowd going absolutely crazy. I managed to grab a few frames of their performance but photos really don’t do the dance justice. It was easily the best first dance I have ever seen! Before I called it a day, Tracy and Mike wanted to finish off with a shot in the road as a couple of buses passed by (a shot i know well after doing something similar for Emily and Adams wedding in Islington back in 2014). I loved shooting Tracy and Mike’s Millennium Gallery wedding photography and here’s their day, music by M83, phtoos by me…


The Millennium Gallery wedding photography by James Tracey © 2016

The Mansion Leeds Wedding Photography // Ruth and Alex

first kiss at the mansion leeds

Wedding Photography at The Mansion Leeds

2016 sees me working at some of the best venues in the country and I was delighted to return to one of my favourite venues in Yorkshire to shoot Ruth and Alex’s The Mansion Leeds wedding photography in February. The Mansion is situated within Roundhay Park north of Leeds city centre and it is a stunning venue. Run by the crack team at Dine, it is a brilliant venue for a wedding and even though Ruth and Alex got married in winter, we got lucky and had a beautiful sunny (if a little chilly) day so we even made it outside! I loved wedding photography at The Mansion Leeds and as always, I started the day photographing the bridal preparation in the morning at The Mansion before the marriage service which took place at The Mansion.

This was the first time I had photographed the wedding service at The Mansion and it really is a stunning setting for a civil service. The marriage service had moments of real emotion alongside one or two proper lough out loud moments, the perfect wedding service! After the vows were exchanged and Ruth and Alex came back down the aisle, we cut their pork pie wedding cake so it could be served up as canapes after the confetti had been thrown outside in Roundhay Park. With glorious low winter sun, Ruth and Alex headed out with me to shoot their Mansion Leeds wedding photography in and around the Mansion as Ruth didn’t want to wander into the mud in her Jimmy Choo’s (and who can blame her!)

Yorkshire Wedding

Once we returned the Yorkshire wedding reception was in full flow and before I knew it, it was time for the wedding speeches where Alex’s best men gave Alex the perfect level of stick and they had me laughing along with all the guests. After the wedding breakfast a retro Nintendo 64 appeared and plenty of wedding guests descended on the classic console to very competitively (and somewhat drunkenly) race on Mario Kart. Perhaps the most competitive person was Alex who had to be extracted from the gaming area to grab a couple of photos outside The Mansion.

With the night guests arriving Ruth and Alex kicked off their evening reception with their first dance as husband and wife. I loved shooting Ruth and Alex’s The Mansion Leeds wedding photography and I must say thanks to Craig from Dine who looked after me all day long and ran Ruth and Alex’s wedding flawlessly. I can highly recommend The Mansion in Leeds for a wedding!

So here’s Ruth and Alex’s The Mansion Leeds wedding photography, music by Oh Land, photos by me…

the mansion leeds bridal prep at the mansion bridesmaid reflected in a mirror mother of the bride making wedding bouquet make up artist bride having wedding make up applied bride in a mirror wedding dress hung on door wedding dress reflected in mirror wedding flower being put on light up letters bridal party walking down stairs bride walking up the aisle bride and groom at their wedding the mansion leeds wedding photography exchange of wedding rings wedding photography at the mansion leeds first kiss at the mansion leeds bride wiping lipstick from her husband signing the register photo bride and groom walking down the aisle confetti photo cutting a pork pie cake the mansion leeds wedding photography the mansion leeds wedding photography the mansion leeds wedding photography bride and groom kissing the mansion leeds wedding photography wedding couple and light up letters the mansion leeds wedding photography wedding guests wedding food wedding party kids at a wedding groom drinking beer wedding at the mansion leeds grandma and baby bride hugging groom luaghing bride reflected in table plan bride smiling groom smiling bride speech bride toast father of the bride groom speech best man speech wedding toast the mansion leeds wedding photography nintendo 64 at a wedding groom playing on n64 first dance at the mansion first dance at the mansion first dance wedding

The Mansion, Dine, Mansion Lane, Leeds, LS8 2HH. 0113 275 4545

The Mansion Leeds Wedding Photography by James Tracey © 2016

Leeds Town Hall Wedding Photography // Janie and Jon

leeds town hall wedding photography

Wedding at Leeds Town Hall

Janie and Jon booked me to shoot their Leeds Town wedding photography and their reception at The Cross Keys pub. Janie got ready at home with her sister and parents before I headed into the city centre to Leeds Town Hall. The wedding at Leeds Town Hall took place with plenty of laughter and the odd tear (which I managed to snap as Janie and Jon exchanged their vows). After the marriage service I had to change my plans for the couple photos as the there was a retro computer games conference happening in the Town Hall along with loads of scaffolding around the front of the building and add into this a massive downpour and strong winds as the wedding service finished we decided to delay the couple photos until the weather sorted itself out over at the reception venue.

Reception at The Cross Keys

Janie and Jon wanted a relexed wedding reception that reflected their personality and chose to have their reception at The Cross Keys pub on the edge of Leeds city centre. The Cross Keys had set aside their main room upstairs for the reception and it looked amazing. As the guests enjoyed a pint the weather gave us a quick break so Janie and Jon headed out with me for 10 minutes of photos in and around the streets near to The Cross Keys. It was absolutely freezing (which Janie and Jon do well to hide on the photos) which is why Janie kept her leather jacket on, which I think works well for the photos! Once we had all warmed up inside the Cross Keys it was time for the wedding breakfast (which was delicious as Janie and Jon treated me to all three courses) and then it was the speeches and before long my day shooting Janie and Jon’s Leeds Town Hall wedding photography was over as the first dance took place. A brilliant, relaxed wedding that I loved photographing.

Here’s Janie and Jon’s Leeds Town Hall wedding photography, photos by me, music by Lydmor

bride getting her weding dress out of a bag bride receiving wedding flowers flower girl reflected overhead shot of people putting flowers on bride having her make up applied bride laughing bride having liptsick added wedding flowers put on leeds town hall wedding guests at leeds town hall groom flected in mirror groom and best man at leeds town hall bride walking up the alisle bride and groom at leeds town hall wedding at leeds town hall black and white photo at leeds town hall wedding guest wiping a tear away leeds town hall wedding photography wedding guests laughing groom checking his wedding ring first kiss at leeds town hall signing the register at leeds town hall leeds town hall wedding photography bride leaving leeds town hall bride in wedding car cross keys pub in leeds wedding reception at cross keys guests laughing at cross keys bride chatting child drinking from wine glass champagne being poured groom greeting guests group photo at cross keys guest showing photo guest drinking through a straw bride reflected in a mirror bride laughing with friends leeds town hall wedding photography leeds town hall wedding photography bride and groom posing bride and groom walking leeds town hall wedding photography leeds town hall wedding photography bouquet photo groom drinking father of the bride guest filming speech father of the bride kissing daughter grooms speech grom telling a joke wedding cake bride speech best man speech groom laughing toasting the wedding couple first dance at the cross keys wedding dance bride and groom dancing leeds town hall wedding photography

Leeds Town Hall, The Headrow, Leeds LS1 3AD.

Leeds Town Hall wedding photography by James Tracey © 2016